I have a 2018 Badfast that has been totally reworked on the front end and a few other things as well. All work was done by Joey Kramer. Car is a metric clip and has 23 races on it. Can sell from roller to bare chassis. Roller price is $12,000 without seat,motor,transmission and shocks here is parts list on the car.

6:1 sweet box
QA1 screw in ball joints
Afro calipers
Afro hybrid rotors
Hypercoil springs
Rocket midplate
Longacre Steeper guages
Joes light weight steering wheel
Wilwood pedals and master cylinders
Whers roller gas pedal
Whers shifters
Wilwood RF shutoff
Wilwood brake adjuster
3 stage pullbar
Bulldog 4.86 rear end
Hammond bird cages
Whers chain limiters
Whers 4 link rods
Octane j bar
Whers climber pinion plate
Superior 16 gallon fuel cell
All FK heims
All wiring
LR Brake floater

Car is in great shape and never wrecked or bent. If you have any question or interest please call or text. Also have pictures or video of car.


Thanks Jason Hollon