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    Hey Brad, back on the air filter assembly deal. Are the gains with the Walker system due to the whole package (drop base, filter, top) or is it just from the Walker top? Is there any value to say a normal flat base but a walker top?

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    the base is completely re-designed for air direction
    it may look like a traditional drop base but it's not
    the deal works as a unit --including the filter itself
    the base and top have special mating surfaces to the filter
    I have had folks use them (Top and/or base) with standard filters but I do not recommend it (not a good fit)
    The intention is to have the smallest amount of obstruction to the air headed to the deck and spoiler as possible while still having the same amount of filtration capacity----the bonus is that it has no problem handling dynamic air and it flows as good as the flat base.
    we tune the exact height with custom sure seal rings


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    10-4. Thank you for the reply Brad!


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