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    There is a guy kicking ass in national Imca modified events changing carbs for the feature but not fuel ( stays on methanol) any ideas?? maybe just bigger carb is my guess to kill bottom end

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    OMG---I have preached for years that carburetor size is a chassis tool not an engine thing

    I believe you are 100% correct---this guy has a "small" snappy carb early in the night when traction is available but when things slick off he goes to a bigger carb to soften the bottom end power ---which acts like traction control and the bigger carb will build power after the flagstand once traction is available due to momentum
    Sounds like your competitor has listend to my sermon--LOL


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    Brad, is there nothing to gain by changing the hole size and or shape of the spacer? Kinda like Wehrs Machine does with the intake inserts!


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