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    I'm helping a buddy with a stock camaro chassis. I've been out of racing stocks for 25 yrs. what do I need to do to rear leaf springs, what shocks and springs do we need to run. It weighs 3350# and the track is dry slick. The car is on 10" wheels and tires also. Thanks in advance. You can PM me if you need to.

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    Ok I think I've found and pieced it all together but no one tells what front spring rates to use can anyone tell me what to use? We have a 1300,1250,1200,&1150. Thanks

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    900LF 800RF or 1000LF 900RF I have ran both and won with both. Not allowed to run that setup anymore and I went back to the normal rear setup and use the 900LF 800RF with success. Did you re-do the LR leaf spring?

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    we r working on the car now and yes we r redoing LR spring with the floating RR. would u run standard 74's and 93's or a 94 LR shocks or something else? I think i'm going to run a bumpstop also. thanks for the reply. Needed headed in the right direction just didn't want to start out in left field and chasing the setup.

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    one more question RACR_73s where do I need to mount rightrear shock? I know it mounts on a shock bracket from the axle tube but do I mount it behind axle like the car was designed or do I try and refab and move it to front of axle? Thanks.

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    If anyone can help out with this setup you can pm me. We have already ran it once and i have some questions.


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