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    Trying to get other peopleís opinions, rebuilding a old sportsman car to convert it to a street stock, Iím re clipping the rear back to factory and need to replace or rebuild the halo because itís super narrow and to short, i was thinking about just using the old halo and bending a new one to go around the entire thing from the frame up and tiring it together. Does anyone see a problem with this other then weight? I feel like it would be twice as strong As a single one. But Iím not a professional. Thanks

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    I have saw them done like that kinda strange looking but very strong. On my car I just redid it using 1\1\4 stubs inside 1.5 tubing pig welded in .I bent new 1.5 bars slipped over stubs left a crack at joints for penetration filled gap with weld then took a flap wheel ground weld flush. It's super strong. Just my opinion bugs that's what I would do.

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    Done it myself like RW sez...
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