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    Has anybody on here used a Ram coupler? Was there a distinct advantage vs a double or triple disc clutch can buy on very cheap and wondered if they are worth it or not seems like taking 10lbs off the back of the crank would be a noticeable difference.

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    I ran one for a short time in the late '80s that got I got from a friend who hated it. In theory they should have made a noticeable difference but I never could tell any as I was too busy trying to drive it. These were before all the current internal clutch transmissions and the backwards way of clutching the car was distracting to say the least. The cone clutch was also vulnerable to improper use which most of them got. Traded it to another friend, who loved them, for a aluminum 12" wheel and new EC 2.

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    Triple or double disc will last longer

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    I used one in the 90ís and it was better than the lightweight flywheel that was available. It was high maintenance though. Cracked flex plates and constantly replacing friction cone.


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