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    How often should a weekly racer have shocks rebuilt and how often should shocks be dynoed. What does it generally cost to have shocks dynod. Can one brand of shocks be valved to match another brand of shocks for example I am running afco silvers on all 4 corners and I found a used Intergra shock I was thinking of using as a traction shock can it be valved to match the afcos

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    A weekly racer should be able to get a whole season out of shocks if not raced on a terrible surface week after week. Shocks should be dyno’ed if performance falls off or again raced on a really rough track. The same type valving can be achieved regardless of the shock brand, when that shock in on a dyno, the dyno doesn’t know what brand it is.

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    Agree to a point on above post.

    1. Shock oil will break down and get thinner and the shock will lose valving over time due to the oil becoming thinner. Also piston seals and wear and also increase this.

    2. While theoretically yes you can match any shock to another, some of that depends on the parts and design of the shock. Sometimes your not going to be able to 100% copy a curve on one shock due to a different piston, bladder, shaft size, canister vs non canister, or bulb area. Least without changing hard parts. With some shocks this is just a matter of changing parts or using other manufacturers parts in the shock you have and sometimes this isn't possible due to construction of the shock and it's design.


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