COCHRAN, GA – Wil Herrington of Hawkinsville, GA grew up at Cochran Motor Speedway, and his home track was the site of the biggest win of his career on Saturday night as he drove the Childs Racing Special powered by an economical Chevrolet Performance 602 Engine to a $5,000 victory in the 50-lap 4th Annual Crate Racin’ USA Street Stock World Championship Race.

Herrington took the lead in turn four on lap 34 with a slide job pass on early race leader Mark Whitener of Middleburg, FL. Whitener had the momentum as he stayed in the throttle and spun Herrington coming off the fourth turn. Crate Racin’ USA officials ticketed Whitener with the caution flag, sent him to the tail of the lead lap cars, and Herrington remained the leader.

In the last 17 laps of the race, Herrington held on to the point, as Hayden Moran of Covington, LA and Tyler Love of Lancaster, SC battled for the second spot. Herrington brought the packed house to their feet as they cheered their hometown hero under the checkered flag with a 1.723 second margin of victory.

“This is just awesome to win a race this big at my home track in front of people I’ve known all of my life,” Herrington said. “I’m glad everyone came out tonight to get away from the stuff that’s going on in the country and enjoy some good hard racing. That’s what happened between me and Mark was just good hard racing.”

Moran won the battle for the second spot in the We Buy Junk Cars Special powered by an economical Chevrolet Performance 602 Engine and Love finished third in the Interstate Towing and Fleet Service Special that was also powered by an economical Chevrolet Performance 602 Engine to give the Bow Tie Brand a sweep of the top three spots.

Kevin Durden of Archer, FL took the fourth spot and fifth went to Dustin Miller. Whitener came back to finish sixth and Ricky Greene of Inman, SC was seventh in the Mike’s Body Shop Special powered by an economical Chevrolet Performance 602 Engine.

Tuck Trentham of Pierson, FL drove to an eighth-place finish and Shawn Washam of Nahunta, GA was ninth in the Chancey Meyers Motorsports Special powered by an economical Chevrolet Performance 602 Engine. Chase Collins rounded out the top ten.

The preliminary events for the 4th Annual Crate Racin’ USA Street Stock World Championship Race were held on December 27, 2019, and Herrington out-timed the 42-car field with a lap around Cochran Motor Speedway in 17.235 seconds during Group Qualifying. The four ten-lap Heat Races were won by Whitener, Moran, Love and Michael Stalnaker of Ocala, FL in the SRE Electrical Special powered by an economical Chevrolet Performance 602 Engine.

Whitener took the lead from the pole position at the start of the race followed by Love, Herrington, Moran and Greene. By lap 12, Whitener held a half straightaway lead when he caught the cars on the tail end of the lead lap. The first of seven caution flags came out on lap 28 for debris in turn three.

Whitener held the lead for the Dixie-Style Double-File Restart with Love, Herrington, Moran, Green, Stalnaker, Durden, Tim Powers of Okeechobee, FL in the Paul Bange Roofing Special, Trentham, and Robby Metts of Albany, GA in the R&C Motorsports Special powered by an economical Chevrolet Performance 602 Engine doubled up behind the leader.

The second caution came back out on lap 31 when Joe Belkey II of Cochran, GA spun the Belkey Racing Special in turn four. The next restart saw Herrington power around Love for the second spot, and then he rode the high side of the track to chase down Whitener and challenge for the lead.

Herrington threw a big slider on Whitener in turn four on lap 34. Herrington dove to the bottom of the track from the high side, and then used his momentum to slide up the banking in front of Whitener. Herrington lost all his forward momentum with the slide up the banking, and Whitener had two choices.

Whitener could either lift off the throttle to keep from hitting Herrington, or he could hit the back of Herrington. Whitener chose the latter, and Herrington spun coming off the fourth turn to bring out the caution flag. There were four more caution flags in the race, and Herrington held the lead on each restart.

Moran and Love battled for the second spot, and Herrington was able to hold a consistent seven car-length lead. Moran finally cleared Love to take over the second spot late in the race, but by that time, Herrington had sealed the deal.

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1. 5 7 Wil Herrington Hawkinsville, GA 50
2. 2 41 Hayden Moran Covington, LA 50
3. 3 92 Tyler Love Lancaster, SC 50
4. 10 56 Kevin Durden Archer, FL 50
5. 13 15 Dustin Miller Cochran, GA 50
6. 1 514 Mark Whitener Middleburg, FL 50
7. 6 18 Ricky Greene Inman, SC 50
8. 12 54 Tuck Trentham Pierson, FL 50
9. 9 12 Shawn Washam Nahunta, GA 50
10. 8 4 Chase Collins Cochran, GA 50
11. 11 44 Tim Powers Okeechobee, FL 50
12. 17 01 Colby Giddens Cochran, GA 49
13. 22 11 Ronnie Lee Newsome Lake Park, GA 44
14. 20 56 David Earl Gentry Murfreesboro, TN 39
15. 21 19 Joe Belkey II Cochran, GA 39
16. 4 8 Michael Stalnaker Ocala, FL 33
17. 7 37 Robby Metts Albany, GA 33
18. 14 9 Jeff Stalnaker Ocala, FL 26
19. 16 22 Kyle Livingood Bristol, GA 19
20. 15 0 Clay Alexander Cochran, GA 19
21. 18 77 Josh Nelms Cochran, GA 19
22. 19 46 Cameron Metts Albany, GA 16

FAST QUALIFIER: Herrington, 17.235 Seconds
LAP LEADERS: Whitener, 1-33; Herrington, 34-50
LAPS LED: Whitener, 33; Herrington, 17
HARD CHARGER OF THE RACE: Newsome (started 22nd and finished 13th)
MARGIN OF VICTORY: 1.723 Seconds
TIME OF THE RACE: 52 Minutes and 30.988 Seconds



1. 7H Wil Herrington – 17.235
2. 14 Ben Keith – 17.559
3. 514 Mark Whitener – 17.586
4. 04 Charles Christian – 17.604
5. 15 Dustin Miller – 17.906
6. 0 Clay Alexander – 17.914
7. 56 Kevin Durden – 17.987
8. 77 Josh Nelms – 18.062
9. 30 Noel Bailey – 18.081
10. 27 Joe Linville – 18.346

1. 444 Brooks Strength – 17.250
2. 41m Hayden Moran – 17.349
3. 4 Chase Collins – 17.557
4. 7 Justin McRee – 17.595
5. 44 Tim Powers – 17.641
6. 9 Jeff Stalnaker – 17.655
7. 77b Robert Brillhart – 17.792
8. 51 Bradley Frakes – 17.794
9. 40a Alex Sturkie – 17.912
10. 2f Jamie Flowers – 18.257

1. 18g Ricky Greene – 17.261
2. 92 Tyler Love – 17.400
3. 12 Shawn Washam – 17.402
4. 8 Chris Keller – 17.464
5. 6 Calvin Cook – 17.507
6. 22 Kyle Livingood – 17.529
7. 54 Tuck Trentham – 17.534
8. J3 Joe Hamm – 17.805
9. 999 Carl Kilgore – 18.005
10. 46d Dean Watson – 18.154

1. 8s Michael Stalnaker – 17.390
2. 37 Robby Metts – 17.532
3. 121 Michael Blount – 17.596
4. 02t Tyler Turvin – 17.678
5. 75 Andy Stewart – 17.803
6. 01 Coby Giddens – 17.966
7. 00p Kip Poole – 18.301
8. 72 Bruce Griffin – 18.357
9. 1 Chris Cape – 18.462
10. 8m Mike Lane – NT

HEAT RACES (10 Laps – Top 4 Transfer To Main Event):

1ST HEAT: 1. Whitener; 2. Herrington; 3. Christian; 4. Durden; 5. Nelms; 6. Alexander; 7. Bailey; 8. Keith; 9. Linville; 10. Miller.

2ND HEAT: 1. Moran; 2. Strength; 3. Collins; 4. Powers; 5. J. Stalnaker; 6. Brillhart; 7. McRee; 8. Flowers; 9. Sturkie; 10. Frakes.

3RD HEAT: 1. Love; 2. Greene; 3. Washam; 4. Trentham; 5. Keller; 6. Livingood; 7. Kilgore; 8. Cook; 9. Hamm; 10. Watson.

4TH HEAT: 1. M. Stalnaker; 2. Metts; 3. Blount; 4. Turvin; 5. Stewart; 6. Giddens; 7. Poole; 8. Cape; 9. Griffin.

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