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    Where is the money going??? Terry Papstein's bank account?? Guarantee it goes to a worthy charity & maybe more people would take interest.

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    Ha ha. The dude more or less begs for money for people to pay his way to the races. Hey here’s a sticker for your donation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iowa dirt View Post
    Number one ur out to lunch!! Do u know terry? Have u delt w him? No and no!!! Terry papsein is the most repeatable guy u will ever meet!! Have u sir camped out in ur car for a 3-4 day race? No but he did!!! He dose what he can and bring u the latest updates. Terry is the best!!
    Have I dealt with him?? Yes, found him to be over bearing & demanding of something I did for free that he benefited from. Have I campee in my car for races? Yes, any true fan of the sport has at one time or another. I have begged car owners to let me sleep in their enclosed trailers just to be able to be at the races.If there is no mention of where the money is goi g to go, I will pass. I work hard for my money & refuse to just give it to someone who begs for donations to attend races. Sorry, just my cold stone feelings on the matter.

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    I have dealt with Terry and I found him to be a complete piece of trash. The guy is weird and overbearing. And everything he does Benefits him and no one else...

    He’s a clown
    Push your care, push your burdens aside
    Erase everything inside and leave just one thing on your mind.

    You only live once so just go f'n nuts!!!- Suicide Silence

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    Not a fan of him ripping off everyone else's press releases claiming to be a breaking news source. Dude is lame and have seen him being very rude at the track.

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    I see he took down his fundraiser for himself on his Facebook page

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    I followed him for a while on the book of faces and got tired of his constant posts about irrelevant c*ap. He is always posting updates that are so hard to follow they aren't worth the time and the money beg that never ends gets old too.


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