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    Default RF Brake shut off

    Looking to by an electric one. Had a manual one bleed back and lock up my brake.

    Any difference in brands?

    Found this one from Jegs with a fuse block and toggle switch ready to go

    The Wilwood is by far more expensive and doesnít have the switch or fuse block Any reason?

    The all star one also doesnít come with switch or fuse block
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    this is kind of odd to me because we were the opposite , we had an electric one bleed through while on and lock rt frt tire up , always used a manual after that and never had a problem , i guess its just a valve and whether it is an electric type or a manual knob type , it could still malfunction......

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    Be sure to wire the electric one into the "run" position on your ign switch...they will kill the battery in a few days.

    Maybe the Wilwood is pricier because it is better?
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    The willwood is the way to go its not just a line lock solenoid like others it has a built in bleed circuit so you can engage it at any time with your foot on or off the brake. I've never heard of one failing the wildwood that is

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    Thanks guys.

    Ya Iím 100% confident I had my foot off the brake when it happened because even though Iím a rookie Iím mechanically minded and I was thinking that would happen if I was on the brake. Even has it on jack stands to test it was working.

    When I came back in the pits I couldnít even steer to my pit so it definitely happened on the track.

    All the electric ones say they donít bleed through like the manual ones. But Iíll look further into the Wilwood. Thanks for your input
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