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Thread: Chassis Options

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    I've seen the CVR cars do really well with several different drivers, they seem to be a good piece. Don't know what prices look like and I'm sure there probably arent a ton of them available used. If you're looking to get a good car in the $15k range, I would also seriously consider a Pierce Platinum. I believe if you get one of their current designs and put a good shock/suspension package under it, you will do well. I'm just speaking from performance vs. budget standpoint. I can't speak for how the Pierce gang is on support.

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    Herrington came from 17th to 4th last night at Senoia. That car works good everywhere he goes. You couldn't go wrong buying his car!

    fwiw......Will set the track record at BRP last year...Ö.including all the Lucas races also!!!
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