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    Default Enclosed Trailer Size

    Has anyone use an 8 wide enclosed trailer or do they need to be 8-1/2?

    Any length recommendations also?


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    8' is definitely too narrow for modern cars. I would buy no shorter than 28 foot. The room the better.

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    I can be done with a slightly narrower trailer, but is a pain in the arse. You will likely need a loading/narrow tire for RF and have to undo body straps and RF pull nose and both body sides in to load the car. It's just some extra work after the races when you tired and a pain.

    If you can get a smoking deal on a slightly narrow trailer I might think about it as a temporary trailer until I could find or have the money for a wider one, but probably wouldn't recommend it unless it's a hell of a deal that there is no way your gonna lose money on it when you get rid of it.

    Also measure the actual inside dimension of the trailer door and well as the interior walls past the door to be sure, not all of them are the same. Usually you lose 2" per side on the door opening per outside of the trailer but like I said it can vary some, so don't go off the listing and check it before you buy.
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    Ok so what widths are typically used for a non stacker dirt late model trailer?

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    Just get an 8.5 ft wide one, with as wide as door as possible. They used to mount the lights in the door frame and that took away a lot of room.

    Just as another posted, get at least a 28 ft or longer.

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    Look for a trailer with a 96" rear door opening. They can be kinda hard to find but they are out there. Especially if you buy a trailer made by a manufacturer that caters to the motorsports community.


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