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    Looking for some setup info on LR zero index cage. Having trouble getting chassis maker to answer phone.

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    What chassis?

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    On the BC top rod 1" aft, bottom 1"' FWD, that is how a lot of chassis do it. So you either need to use different set of holes in the chassis, or affect the rod length not desirable.

    At the bottom of travel, full hike, the BC needs to be straight up and down at the 2 mounting bolts (12 o clock to 6 o clock with the chassis in full hike) so the BC indexes very little, basically the 1" you moved them on the BC.

    The idea is the zero index takes out rear steer at full hike, and tightens the race car. 80 or 100 spring with 200lbs of droop load should get you in the ball park.

    A lot of variables here, the amount of droop and droop load are big adjustments. Along with brake floaters and using the brakes to hike the car on entry etc.

    One last tip, at full droop with your droop load in the spring, you should be able to twist the 4 link bars, they shouldn't be bound up. Indicating the load is on the cage, and applying it to the rear end, and not the links.

    Just say no...


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