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    Can a 2000 GRT in nice shape with a modern spring and shock package be competitive with newer cars? Does anyone know if these cars are considered raised rail? Thanks for the input, been out of racing for a while now.

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    depends what class and what you consider competitive. But with in reason you can make anything competitive your just not gonna be able to follow alot of the current trends. It won't be easy though

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    I would say if you can find someone willing to do the work without trying to just sell you a new car it's possible. There are alot of people around middle/northern ga that have updated older grt's. Michael Page is a popular one. Its gonna need the raises cross member and frame rail. Along with different underslung in the rear. Also probably some shock mount relocations. Few bars could be added also as those cars liked to flex alot.

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    If the right rail and crossmember has been raised go for it its still a good car the only thing you have to watch is the the lr driver door bar hitting the the tire


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