Thursday $3k to win, $250 to start
Friday $5k to win, $300 to start
Saturday $10k to win, $500 to start

Open Late Model Rules:
Hoosier W30 &/or UMP LM30 on all four corners (Grinding Allowed ONLY) & Hoosier W70 on right rear only (Grinding Allowed ONLY). Absolutely NO grooving or siping allowed on ANY tire.

My Laps or AMB compatible Transponder mounted to backside of mid-plate.

(Open/Aluminum Block Engine) Maximum engine set back is 6" measured from center of ball joint to first spark plug hole. Cars using this engine must 2,350 lbs with driver after the race, use restrictor plate with a maximum hole diameter of 1.0" and use maximum RPM chip of 8,250.