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    Default What's wrong with the world .....

    Fools just like ya all around the world.... ignorantly brutally blinded with non intelligent ignorance......... "ameican" no no. You only think that cause was deeply taught an indoctornated to think like that. Which hello no no no you not thinking for your self !!! Same thing will happen to bright intelligent intellectual minds of the future !!! To control the very minds inside of us all! Better be a MAN an properly protect your CHILDREN!!! This is truth. Children are raised am groomed by the system . By school by superstitious mythLIEgion. This world can an will brutally ignorantly blind any one an every one !!! Hey hey hey look at the mess we have today all around!!! Cause fools are lost fully grown children. Goal is to stop evolution of the HUMAN mind !! To stop keep intellectual intelligent minds from fully growing prospering. Intellectual intelligent.... yA I know what I am!!!! All sides/nature's. . Think about this ...... why not .... don't think it question it !! For to deeply question is to be intelligent is to be an intellectual!! Heehee.... y'all have very ill to NO mind power!!! Man/Human. must truly discover that by your self!!!! "Men/women" very little to ZERO in this world...... of "humankind"
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    You can ignore reality but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Did you actually say " non intelligent ignorance"?

    What's wrong with the world is that more folks aren't right with Jesus......prove me wrong.
    Where is the move over flag when you need it?????


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