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    Default 602 handling help

    new to forum not sure if posting in the correct place. I have a 2006 grt with 2019 updates. Our base set up in the car is very good off the trailer when the tracj is heavy. As the night goes so does our traction off the corner. Car is very loose in middle of corner and exit. Was just wanting some opinions on what everyone would to hell this problem as the night goes

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    welcome to the forum their is a actual crate section but that doesn't exclude you from this section. Gonna need a little more info than that if you want any real help. It's generally necessary to break the corner down into 5 different but overlapping areas entry, center, exit, accelerating, decelerating. Are you running the car as is if the trailer the whole night. If not what things are you doing.

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    Knock stagger out next time it slicks off


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