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    Default aero on a mod that can't run a roof

    we run a class of open wheel mods that don't run a roof.... body rules are very general, mostly IMCA type or close... max rear deck height, width, etc.. I'm an old school guy that for years, thought we weren't going fast enough to worry about aero, but here lately, looking at all the Very Weird things I see on the crate lates and SLM's.... has me looking at aero....I mean some of the SLM bodies won't fit into a std enclosed trailer any more........ yes , they are a ton faster than us.... but Where should I be looking ? 1) nose sealed off ... 2) Blade up in the air max amount ... 3) Rt side door and quarter panels...curved and small ?? 4) deck /hood rake- low in front to high at spoiler.. 5) side boards on spoiler- they recently let us go up on sideboards on LR.... just looking for general suggestions.... I don't do the bodies... more of a suspension type guy... but Bodies seem to be making or breaking all the mechanical stuff.... thanks ahead of time...

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    #1 yes
    #2 yes
    #3 not small. That side air is important.
    #4 yes
    #5Very yes.
    I used to be one of those (not going fast enough to matter) guys. Its far from true. But dont slow down on suspension. Both have to work together.

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    Thanks racer 69.... can't ever stop working on the "science project" of suspension.... can't.... we have an added problem that makes you stay on top of it.... we can't just throw a new set of sticker tires on it... we have to race on Hard A_ _ asphalt pull off tires... Rules.... but fun to know we are all on equally bad tires... :-)


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