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    My trailer has started blowing tires -- tires have been new - proper inflation - have not added more to load - basically dirt late model with tires, tools, and spares -- have looked for contact areas between tires and trailer and found nothing -- could be construction debris but .... I would appreciate any ideas --- thanks lis

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    Little more info would help tire size trailer size etc. Did you get a new tow vehicle and are now able to maintain a higher average speed ? Is it prone to one particular axle? Are you sure your getting the same load rating you've always had ?

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    Not sure how many axles you have (2 or 3) but it's not uncommon when you have a failure on a tire (normal stuff not a problem with the trailer) that it overloads the remaining tires on that side and days or weeks later the other tires on that side pop from being over stressed/loaded when the original tire blew.

    I know several guys that will replace all tires on that side if they have one that fails once they get back to the shop and use those as spares but not permanent trailer tires.

    If you really add up the tire ratings and compare to the trailer total weight, many times you find that with all tires rating added up it barely meets the total weight of the trailers in many cases, so loosing 1 of 4 or 6 tires really adds a ton of weight to the remaining tires and can go over the tires max capacity and damage the tires. They then can be a ticking time bomb.

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    Most likely youre buying that chinese junk. Theres a ton of them on the market these days!

    Get a set of Michelins and be done with it! Best money youll ever spend!

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    Put the highest ply rated LT tires that you can find on it. In my experience, LT tires are often better than trailer tires. Michelin is always excellent, but also very spendy. I have had hood luck with Toyo. Some of the Chinese stuff is decent quality, some is absolute junk. I would not go Chinese unless I a tire man that I trust recommended a certain brand.

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    We have had the best luck with Firestone Transforce At on our trailers in a commercial setting. Can't remember ever blowing one. Wore several out and broke cord on a couple.
    We air to 80 psi (max on sidewall rating) and check air pressures often.

    Lt235/85R16 is the size we use.

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    If they are 15", make sure you're getting D load and not C. I had several blowouts and after lot of research, I bought Maxxis tires and haven't had an issue since. They ar the only 15" trailer tire not made in China.

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    make sure and get e rated tires they make them in 15 and 16, they hold 80 lbs of air, if 15's you'll be stuck with trailer tires, get duro's they have worked well for our work trailers, if 16's get the firestone transforces they have been great, but i do understand the trailer deal with the race trailers, no one ever puts heavy enough axels under them, last one i ordered new had 2 10000lbs axles with 17.5 tires, load it all you want then


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