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    Default Metric a frame location help

    we are building a new chassis, imca stock car, we are allowed to fabricate the upper a frame mount and relocate it. We must use stock lowers, stock spindles and imca upper a frames. My question is, what types of things should I measure to get the optimum placement.

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    You are kinda limited by the required upper a-frame. The a arms will get into the tires before you can move them far enough to eliminate caster change. You can change roll centers some by using ball joints with longer stems, but choices are limited by the a arm.
    Then, you need to consider pro or anti dive.
    Moving them to get camber and caster needed can sometimes make bump steer problems.
    Even on the modifieds, some chassis builders have opted to stay with the stock mounts to keep stock geometry.

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    I assume you are building a Metric Chassis?
    May look at the square body Caprice (gen 3 77-90), or the Gen4 91-96
    I know the 3rd gen stuff the spindles are taller, and share parts with Camaros/Firebirds.
    you will also have a better chance of getting better Geometry with them.

    Not messed with any 4th gens, but i hear you can use those lower a arms on the metric, (are 3/4" longer) so they must be similar
    I think there should be lifeguards in the genepool.


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