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    i couldn't remember seeing anything about brake pad compounds but guys what brake compound for a mod. do you recommend on a track where a lot of braking is used, and is anyone making pad compound changes between hammer down track to short bull ring type tracks? thanks ahead for any info.

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    hawk black for slick track, dtc 30 on the rear when tracks are fast

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    afco sells a pad package with their recommendations for each corner, essentially aggressive on rear, less aggressive on LF, and least aggressive on RF.

    Personally have been running hawks, similar to what riddle states above

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    I think Performance Friction is probably the best. We used to run 01 or 13. I don't even know if they have those anymore.
    They might have changed their numbers around a little bit. 01 used to be their most aggressive pad. I think 13 was their recommended dirt racer pad. I was told, back in the day, that 01 was the compound Cup cars used at Martinsville.
    We could get Wilwood pads for free but never had any luck with them. We ended up paying top dollar for the Performance Friction because they just seemed better.
    Everything else we used in the brake system was Wilwood.
    Rotors matter as much as pads. The higher the nickel content in the rotor used to mean a better rotor. I was told Coleman or Performance Friction rotors were about the best.
    I heard Gene Coleman used to make rotors for the automotive industry before getting into the racing business. All those old timers from Michigan are some smart cookies.


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