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    Default corrosion

    Having a problem I can't resolve, looking for ideas:

    steel Dart block 406, aluminum heads, aluminum water pump. I've tried Water Wetter and Hyperwet additives. I've tried straight tap water (well with softener), and tried distilled water. I've flushed the system multiple times until water comes out clear, then added the additive and topped off. I've tried every combination of these procedures. Still get a lot of corrosion in water. Brown, not sludgy. I take some out and let it sit in a jar. The sediment sinks to the bottom. So I know it's not oil in the system.

    Ideas on what I'm doing wrong? Water pump impeller rusting? Not flushing enough?

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    Possible electrolysis. Make sure you have good shiny clean electrical grounds and even adding the OEM braided strap from engine to chassis is NEVER a bad idea.


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