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    Default Thanks For FLO

    With few, if any, tracks in California allowing spectators this season Flo has made several races possible for promoters.
    One of our regular haunts, Marysville Raceway, has run several shows this season with no, or limited, fans, all on mid-week nights. Unfortunately, our Super/Pro Stocks haven't been one of the beneficiaries without a single race. Various versions of Sprints, A and B Mods, Hobby type cars and even Dwarfs have been the classes.
    Tonight that changes with the annual Taxi Cab Challenge, a show with all fendered classes; Limited Late Models, Street Stocks, Pure Stocks, Hobby Stocks and Super Stocks. Several guys usually run a couple of classes with the same cars. We're one of those and have spent some very busy nights changing tires, carbs and putting sideboards/wings off and on. We've had some success with multiple wins and a couple nights with nearly winning in two classes with my son at the wheel. I haven't been that lucky but have several top 3s. For obvious reasons it's one of the races we look forward to each season.
    Came in from a long evening prepping the car Thursday, turned on the news and the first thing they showed was a big fire in a homeless encampment along the river directly behind the pits. I thought we'd lose about our third race this year due to fires but, fortunately, this one got put out in short order. One we missed in the mountains farther north in national forests went on but would have added almost a 200 mile detour on top of an already 180 mile one way ride to choke on smoke deterred us from that one.
    Only 3 races left on our schedule and this one only allows 100 spectators and it's on Flo, It's been a weird year.

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    Glad to hear you are having plenty success this season, over! Good luck in all your racing exploits out there on the left coast. PM me your car number and sponsors so we can identify your car.

    We were going to fly out to Cali for the big USAC National midget races at Placerville, Merced and Bakersfield in mid November but we got cold feet regarding flying and driving out there isn't an option.

    Racing in California took a serious hit, glad you guys have had a few opportunities to compete.


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