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    Quote Originally Posted by Highside Hustler25 View Post
    Clay doesn't wash away in non moving standing water. The track gets covered in river silt. You just grade the silt off and haul it away. They do it almost every year here as well. As long as the track is sealed up it shouldn't be a problem.
    Good point since the flood water is not rushing over the track itself.

    Sometimes river dirt can actually be great to actually put on a racetrack. Not at PRP though.

    At Tri-State Speedway in Indiana they put black gumbo down supposedly from a river bottom and that stuff was the tackiest clay I've ever seen anywhere.

    Once WOO Outlaw Sprints were doing wheelies and I stepped in some clay that I couldn't hardly scrape off.
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    No matter the track conditions , great drivers can find a way to win.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buford.Justice View Post
    100 laps, double file restarts, flats tires(cars pitting) lapped traffic making and stopping passes, and a few actual passes under green. Easily explains the position changes!!
    Great points ! But then you are talking points of COMMON SENSE in witch many on here cant seem to comprehend ! !

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    As to the above post, the guaranteed time in the work area makes for so many pit stops that some of these sanctioned 100 lappers become unbearably long. Doesn't seem to be as big a deal at Eldora because there are no points on the line so it does no good to stop, draw a yellow, then come back out to salvage 12th like it does when you are running for points. If you draw a yellow, go to pits & if the lineup gets set in short order, you don't get much time. Too bad IMO.

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    Not sure why Portsmouth couldn't have racing on Saturday like this decent track.
    Droop isn't the problem.

    Arizona Speedway-2. Ohio Valley-1
    East Bay-2. Lawrenceburg-2
    All-Tech-1. Florence-3
    Volusia-1. Portsmouth-3
    Jackson -5 I77 -1
    Mudlick -1
    Moler -2

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    Good Steel block race


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