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    Default Carb Comparisons

    Has anyone done any carb comparisons on the dyno? Im looking at something like a David Smith, Hendren, Willys, Stealth Comparison all on the same fuel. Trying to figure out what the best bang for my buck is for next year. I have not found anything published online but i have not dug to the depths of the internet quite yet.

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    This whole racing business is about relationships ----all the shops you mention do fabulous work
    I would go with the one that you are able to establish a relationship with---this will get you the best results because on track tuning for drivability issues is much more important than a few HP throughout the curve.
    Dynos are great for numbers and a baseline -----if you get someone to perform the test that you are looking for please make sure it is apples to apples testing with identical sized carbs and do not focus on peak HP numbers ---watch your numbers through the middle and the attitude at the beginning of the pull
    But at the end of the day putting these choices head to head under race condition is the true test and without each individual tuner/builder being available to dial in exactly what they are looking for then that test isn't complete either...
    my suggestion---call around to the names you listed and see which one you like talking to the best and go with him.

    just my 2cents



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