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    Default Woo lm 3/5 & 3/6

    I see that the WOO LM Series is scheduled for Duck River on 3/5 & Smoky Mountain on 3/6. Im interested in a possible road trip but know nothing about either track. Can anyone provide some info on these two shows? Are they worth the trip? Any info would be helpful. Thanks.

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    Duck River when right is very good. Bullring with id expect a cushion with as much moisture as the area has had over the last few weeks. They drag out the show occasionally but with this being WoO sanctioned maybe they will keep it moving. Id guess 34-38 cars.

    Smoky is bigger and they typically run a pretty tight show. Hillside parking is a good place to watch the show. Concessions are pretty good too. Youll get a few more names Davenport, McDowell, etc that will skip the Duck and hit Smoky.

    Probably worth it IMO. Id be shocked if you saw two stinkers.


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