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    Default E-85 Carburetor help

    Guys we recently put together a 602 on E-85 and we cannot get the calibration just right. I'm not looking for trade secrets by no means. Any typical suggestions would be helpful. 650 E-85 QFT carburetor and everything recommended as far as fuel line, Pump, Regulator, PSI...On restarts car has a substantial stumble...If we try to cure that then it gets lazy at the end of the straight and has a nice orange flame backfire lol. Just looking for some things guys might be doing as far as carb tuning, Plugs, Timing...Any help is appreciatedPS: Buying a new JDR is on the list but them as long as all the other builders are really busy and 3-5 weeks out so I'm trying to salvage something with what I have while I wait for a new carb

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    JDR is good but Mark Sullens is one of the best if not the best as that all he does and has ever done. I talk to him a lot because his shop is down the street from me. Yes, he is busy, busy is a good thing, but he may get you done faster.

    Assuming it;s in good working mechanical condition and the basic are set up properly, Your issue sounds like it's not enough pump shot. The engine will need LESS pump shot at RPM so it may be covering up the issues. QFT sends their stuff out using the pink pump cam. Frankly, it's not enough(dribbles at best) in my opinion. Also, on mine, the idle screws are sensitive. I have mine at 3/4 out and a 1000rpm idle speed. Make sure what ever adjustment your doing, you do on all four corners.
    I'd change that first to a pink cam in the number 1 hole.
    Also, QFT uses the same green blocks on all their carbs so it's a generic calibration for everything from 2V's to 850's.

    Timing isn't related to fuel as much as head chamber shape. Leave it at 32-36 for now.
    Plugs...I use NGK A9's and it works good.

    PM me if you like.


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