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    Quote Originally Posted by Late_Model_Mark View Post
    At least in this state of Alabama, gas stations are open and have plenty of gas, don't believe the &@#$ in the media who are hyping the hack job of Colonial at least in Bama. Sure the prices went up 6 to 8 pennies. I passed about 50 gas stations today and stopped at 3 with my job, plenty of petrol, no lines, and plenty of supplies.

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    Well Bama is closer to the beginning of the pipeline, so your closer to the source. I'm in NE Georgia and back mid week we had fuel prior to the panic, then within 2 hrs of crazy I watched price jump $0.20 then $0.10 more the next day before running out. To me it would've been better had they just limited everyone to 10 gallons, but I don't run a gas station. We've since been restocked, but I got some yesterday and it was largely water... Luckily I was limited to 10 gallons of water, now. Spent this morning venturing over into Carolina to top off with hopefully better fuel and some seafoam to smooth out the skipping/stumbling. CCP-19 made people fearful and reactionary I suppose. I imagine this won't be the last supply chain shortage we deal with before we get D.C. straightened out. America First.

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    Some places here blocked off a few of their pumps just to reduce the flow. Some that ran out were because of panic buying and most likely the station was due for a shipment already so supply was already low. Majority if not all doesn't come from the pipeline. It comes off barges.

    I have to laugh at the dope that Michigan has for a governor. Says she's going to seize profits from the Enbridge pipeline if they didn't shut it down at her deadline this past week. A private Canadian business. lol she's got so many blunders going her credibility for anything is at -0
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    Quote Originally Posted by Barbecueboy View Post
    might want to search the screen names Mccarter....ss12....Kidrock....etc before you make a lazy and uninformed statement like that.
    In the 90s oil got down to 14 dollars a barrel so low that they quit pumping in Texas an Oklahoma I think Bill Clinton was president I think he is a Democrat

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    QUOTE:I hate Trump

    Thanks for the clarification!


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