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    Default Electric fan

    Has any one used one successfully on a crate engine? If so, which one?

    I know Bloomer ran one successfully a couple years ago.

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    several years ago I was at a 100 lap superlate race in WV that bloomquist was in.
    at the half way point as he was lapping most of the field his car erupted in steam
    a couple laps later there was a caution for a soaked down area on the race track but bloomquist remained on track and in the lead----he completed the next 50 laps and won the race without another trace of smoke or steam
    we all thought it must have been someone elses car and just looked like his car until we went to his pit after the race with curiosity about his tire wear
    when we arrived at his pit area it wasn't tires that we were looking at but a water pump that had broken off the block and was wedged in the steering
    Scott was commenting on how hard it was to steer the car the last half of the race but anyone with the slightest bit of engine knowledge was in shock about running 50 laps without water or a water pump

    I learned later that high end coatings make it possible for this to happen----I would not have believed this story if I didn't witness it personally.-----simply amazing

    zero ---I have some comments about electric fans but I have to get to work right now ---I will add them later


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    I drove a poor man super that probably made 500 hp, several times with an electric fan. Never a cooling issue. So, it can be done. Especially if you ran e85. You'd need a decent alternator. It might not be worth anything except to disengage alt and fan for short periods of time.
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    I've considered trying the new spal fans. I believe that's the correct name. They are brushless and very popular with drag racers that build em to be street cars also.


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