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Thread: Black Issues

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barbecueboy View Post
    And they wonder why??????
    BBQ, within the past 25 or so years thievery has become an accepted, and even honored, way of life for a significant percentage of urban inbreds. Thievery has been normalized and celebrated as an accepted character trait and activity among the vast cesspool of inbreds.

    One of my favorite TV shows of the past was "Bait Car". There was huge satisfaction in watching these scum bags get caught but that show would now be deemed racist, bigoted and produced by and catering to, white supremacist. Of course it would! LOL!

    Much of the acceptance is derived from the Marxist mind set. Everything is community property that can be stolen with impunity, and should be shared among everyone. If you want it, take it. There is no shame or feeling of wrongdoing. We have yet to see our resident Marxist, Osiris1241 (what the fuk does that handle actually mean? LOL!), condemn the felonious criminal activity precipitated by misguided racial unrest. The stealing is undoubtedly the least of his concerns since it was joey and the ho voters who perpetrated all of what went on/going on.
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    In Columbus MS four years ago, I was at Walley World after a race at the Mag, and when I walked in, first ever that I ever seen, a security guard at the door. It was after 1 am, and I spoke to the guard for a few minutes. There were many young blacks and browns in groups in the store walking around, at that hour, up to no good. What the guard said, that they all grab stuff (hide it) and run out the door all at one time, can't catch all of them, a fun game for the thieves. Where are the black and brown parents? Aren't non.


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