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    Did anybody watch the race ? The only traction control he had was the cushion he couldn't run the bottom or the middle. Hell he never even tried he would just cut the corner short and fade out to the cushion when he passed on the bottom. As far as what he did when he was a teenager, seriously ! Everybody had made poor decisions in their life some got caught some didn't some just thought better of it. You can't judge people their whole lives by one action no matter how bad it was. Should you suffer the consequences of that action absolutely. But once you payed your debt however large or small it is you should be judged by your actions from their on out and Kyle seems to have worked really hard to put his bad decisions behind him.
    Jking24 gets it right.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimBo View Post
    Jking24 gets it right.
    Totally agree also.


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