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    Default How to drive the Dirt Street Stock?

    I'm new to dirt oval racing and I cant clearly understand how to run fast laps. I tried to run high and low, in the bright mud and in the dark, tried running with 100% throttle, tried with lifting it and only doing 50-70% throttle in the turns but I cant feel which option is the best. I watched some videos which told me that the lowest lane is the fastest but I can't really feel it. Do I drive wrong, or is another way around faster? Unfortunately I 90% finish as the 'last guy who hasn't wrecked'. Thanks in advance for any tips and tricks. routerlogin 192.168.l.l
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    I haven't driven a Street Stock in over 30 years, but there are so many variables you won't get a specific answer unless someone were at the track with you, on any given night. But some things are probably worth mentioning...the bottom is not guaranteed to be the fastest, just the "shortest" way around the track. Many tracks build a sizeable cushion up top which often results in the high line being fastest. But once again, that's dependant on that specific track, and that specific night (track conditions). If you're fortunate enough to have someone at the track with you, have them watch the race/s before yours (like during the heat races) while you're in staging. They can then relay to you what "line" the front runners were using in the races just prior to yours. And assuming you get lapped (merely based on your own description), don't be afraid to "follow" the leaders tracks to try and learn what line they run. Obviously don't get in the way, but at some point you have to make it about you (those faster cars will get around you as long as you hold your line).

    Lastly, don't get down on yourself for being the last car running. There's something to be said for surviving and finishing. The more laps you run, the better!

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    You want to be smooth and not upset the chassis. Keep it leaned over on the right side, make a big circle out of the track if you can. You will need to adjust your line from that to accommodate track conditions. Keep a mental map of the track playing in your head, where are the holes, where are the puddles. Place your car so you avoid those obstacles. The places on the track where your car is not sliding, you can go faster. :^) Don't try to drive as fast as the car will go, you have to be able to properly place the car on the track. You have to be able to find the limits of traction without getting out of shape. Don't worry about who is behind you, drive your race, hold your line.


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