Hey guys, I have a Monte Carlo, Metric "G" chassis that I run on ASPHALT. The car is bad fast but I believe I have a suspension problem in the Front end. Here is my setup: LF= 1100 RF=900 the springs are cut to 11 1/2 each My ride heights are 5 1/2 LF and 6 1/2 RFThe car turns awesome but I believe my shocks are bottoming out. With the car on the scales in race ready form the front shocks only have an inch to an inch and a half of travel. So when the car goes into the corners it must be bottoming out. We are required to run "Stock OE" Shocks. I don't want to make wholesale changes to the setup because the car is always at the top of the charts but when it goes into the corner the car bounces and when it bounces if I gas it up the sucker is super loose center off. Are there any shocks that you know of that when compressed measure 7 to 7.5" out there? The shocks in it now are KYB's and they are 8.5" when compressed.If I raise the car 1" on both sides will that give me an inch of shock travel?What will raising the car 1" across the front do to my setup? Make it loose or tighter etc...Any help would really help me out. I've asked people around here and everyone tells me I should have enough shock travel and they've never had this issue. If I raise the front up an inch evenly the lower control arms will sit level before compressing which I believe is a good thing.