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Thread: Rem r&p?

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    Default Rem r&p?

    Getting ready to build a couple of more ring & pinions for the 9" rear ends and wonder what or if there is any real benefits to the REM polished stuff for the extra bucks. Cooler, less friction, longer life? Primarily interested in durability.

    Had plans to pull the old Frankland quick change out of the yard art old Late Model and convert it for one of our Pro Stocks now that rules finally allow them but, unfortunately, lost that car to our famous CA fires earlier this month. Very lucky that and a few hundred feet of fences were all we lost when several of our neighbors lost everything.

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    I honestly don't see that much difference in spending the extra money especially if you not a unlimited budget team, no real testing on my part just observation from having stuff REM'ed and some Not over the years.


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