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    Curious to get some input about the angled 1” spacer. Recently done some chassis dyno testing with the (every ones go to) 5/8 SS spacer but was able to gain more HP and TQ with the 1” SS spacer. Maybe it just fit well for my application, but curious to see if anyone has done any back to back testing with the angled spacer? I understand the theory behind the angled spacer, just wondering about the numbers

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    When you say you gained HP and TQ with the 1” SS --where were you looking in the curve?
    I’m sure you did pick-up some HP above 5000
    And your peak TQ number climbed above the shorter spacer, but did you look at the numbers between 2800 and 4000?
    Peak TQ is right around 5000 but the 4000 to 5000 area is pretty flat so watching peak number can be deceiving.

    In our testing there is no doubt that the 5/8 SS spacer has a better acceleration rate than not only the 1 inch ss but anything else that we have tested and that is why we used that spacer to test against when we developed the newest version of the accelerator angled spacer.
    To be clear we are only talking 604 crate engine (not 602 and definitely not open builds)

    The first version of the accelerator angled spacer, raced very well because of leveling out the float bowls but it did not restart good at all.
    The latest version (the plus) restarts were the main focus in it’s development.

    In all fairness a dyno is not a good test for an angled spacer as the angle design is to keep a more even float level during race conditions.
    We did use dyno evaluation as a portion of the development of the plus version of the accelerator angled spacer but we concentrated more with race track evaluation.

    If you would like to try one on the dyno or on the track it does come with a money back satisfaction guarantee ---so if your not happy you are only out a little bit of shipping cost and some time.

    here is a link

    hope some of that info helps

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    There is a particular new crate chassis design that is designed to keep the motor more level in the dynamic state. I heard one of your re-builder cohorts state that is a huge advantage. What do you think?

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    I have a 2015 cvr that has the motor angle heavily leaned to the left for that very reason.

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    I have seen quite a bit of engines angled down in the back as well as to the left
    when these cars get up on the bars and pinned over on the RF ----the carburetor is not happy
    anything you can do to compensate is an advatage



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