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    Default Levi Jones Leaves USAC

    I really hope USAC can find a worthy replacement for Levi Jones. Levi has had a positive and profound effect on all 3 of USAC's premier divisions (Silver Crown, wingless 410 sprint car & National Midgets) but most obvious is the resurgence of the Silver Crown division and the midget division. The Silver Crown division was nearly left for dead 7 or 8 years ago but now is attracting 40+ cars to the mile dirt tracks. Even the 1/2 mile dirt tracks on the SC schedule are attracting great car counts.

    Levi took over for Andy Hillenburg at USAC when Andy left his USAC position to tend to his businesses. Andy had the ball rolling in the right direction and Levi kept things on the right path and greatly expanded on what Andy got started. Levi broke new ground with USAC expansion into areas previously not thought to be USAC territory.

    Congrats to Levi and best of luck in his new position! For those of you not familiar with Levi he is a proud Illinois Boy and had a stellar driving career in wingless 410 sprint cars and Silver Crown cars.

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    But you left out he's taking over Indy Lights.
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    Your point being?

    Not sure what bearing where he's going to be employed in the future has on the fact that he's leaving USAC. The article I linked explains all that.

    In my world it really doesn't matter where he's going. Bottom line is he's leaving USAC and that's really all that is important to most USAC fans.

    Personally I'd really love to see USAC hire Casey Shuman to take a position working with Kirk Spridgeon as Levi did. What Casey and his wife did with the inception and expeditious proliferation of the WAR Sprint Series was nothing short of amazing so we know Casey is capable. Kirk Spridgeon and Levi worked extremely well together and Spridge deserves as much credit as Levi for their success's working for USAC. Spridge and Shuman might make as good of a team as Spridge and Levi.


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