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    Default Is a new track a bad thing?

    There is a brand spanking new dirt track here in Alabama called Buckshot Speedway located in Clanton. Located between Birmingham and Montgomery, maybe closer to Montgomery. They have has a couple of practices with a good amount of cars and a load of fans. It is a 3/8mi. mildly banked track.

    My question, is a new track a bad thing?

    In a recent conversation with a rather decently traveled fan/friend of mine I was startled to this persons negative opinions. Disregarding near standing room only fans that have flocked to the track for.......practice. This person griped, said, where are the fans going to come from? The folks have in that area have squat to do around there for sporting events in the summer.

    Where are they going to get cars from, oh I reckon from all over southern Alabama, Florida, Mississippi.

    Another comment, it will dilute existing track car counts, there are no cars down there this dude said, completely disregarding the success of Deep South and Tri County. He also opined and griped that, I guess they will run on Saturday nights cuz nobody in the South runs on Fridays forgetting that Moulton and Boyds run on that day.

    Another doozey after I said that the more "open" tracks, the merrier, he said, well what if a track opens 10 miles from the track I work at ,Talladega, I said competition makes track stronger and work harder.

    What is your view? Is a new track a bad thing ? We have lost many, so a new joint in my view is a very good thing.

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    we raced at the old chilton county speedway several times back in the late 90,s , best dirt i ever raced on , all I know is the placed was packed every time we went there , this place probably will be to ,,,,,btw any truth to BJ Franklin doing this ????

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    IMO, if a new track opens fairly close to an existing track and race on the same night, both tracks suffer and ultimately the better financed and better track will be the only one still in operation over time.

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    What a wonderful problem to have. I live in Canada and there are only 3 tracks with late models in Southern Ontario. Brighton Speedway and Humberstone are Rush sanctioned and South Buxton is UMP. It takes three hours to get from Brighton to Humberstone, three hours from Humberstone to South Buxton, and four and a half hours from South Buxton to Brighton. There's a Sportsman class at Merritville, another at Brockville and it's a four hour and a half hour drive between the two. The only class that can run three nights in a row are Thunderstock/Prostock at Ohsweken, Brighton and Merritville.

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    Dudes never been to southern Ohio apparently.


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