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    Last Flo show of the night for me. First time I've been glad the Southern tracks, for the most part, drag their shows out with Crates, local Hobby classes and even 4 banger classes. Only thing they don't really run are 2 or 3 Sprint car classes which are a staple out here. Tried to watch the LM show before the Whynot show but they were running all the fillers so watched the very long Whynot race then flipped back just in time for the LM introductions.

    The announcer sounded like the guy I just finished with's brother but at least tried to tell you who was who and where. He was so excited all night when two cars racing for mid pack got next to each other I thought his Depends would need a change. Unfortunately Senoia doesn't have a scroll at the top so, unless you're up on every regional racer you don't have a clue who's who. This should be a must for any nationally broadcast race period.

    Ashton Winger won his second night in a row there and Brandon Overton improved from 4th last night to 2nd tonight with the Canadian Sniper guy, Ricky Weiss, improving to 3rd. Weiss is showing some improvement with more laps and his new creation. I like the guy and hope they get it sorted out.

    Sorry I'm not capable of the race reports of Shiny Side Up and I'm glad for what he does. I'm probably a little cranky after being out in our much needed rain all day moving burned trees and building a new goat/sheep shelter. As well one of our favorite races of the year, Marysville's Taxi Challenge, got called yesterday because of the weather and we should have been there tonight for what will probably be our next to last race of the year. We're several times winners there and I'm not used to sitting in front of a screen on Friday and Saturday night watching others having fun. Glad for Flo but it's not even close to being there. Good evening all.
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    I mute the announcer, he is so irritating.

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    Iím not from the south.....but I actually like the Senoia announcer. Heís actually tamed it down from a few years ago, but heís different and I donít mind it really at all. The 4 banger classes and the pure stocks and all that , I agree is a bit tedious for TV.

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    that announcer is a good guy He just gets all into it buttt he better not ever go to eastbay cause he would have a heart attack......


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