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    Default 1997 Show Me 100 Video

    Nice walk down memory lane. Feature included drivers such as Mark Miner, Skip Arp and Rex Ritchey that I remember watching race around the SE as a kid. First time I ever saw Mark race was actually on asphalt at Lavonia Speedway around 1990. I think this may have been the 1st or at least one of the earliest races were Bloomquist raced his CJ Rayburn black & white Ying-Yang car. Also had Bob Pierce and CJ Rayburn himself in the race which got me to thinking.

    Anyone know when they each hung up their helmets for good? Curious what may have been Bob and CJ's last race if anyone knows.

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    The only info I have for you on Mark Miner is that he owns and operates towing company in the St. Louis/ Fenton MO area. Raced modifieds regularly at Pevely up until a few years ago.

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    Default Old cars

    After watching the video I got to thinking just how GOOD those cars looked as opposed to the things they are running today. Flat not all jacked up and twisted looking and the bodys covering the tires. Good days gone by!

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    Bob Pierce hung up his helmet in 2003 I believe.

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    My wife and I and my Dad attended this race. We actually booked rooms at Batesville. My wife and I sat under an umbrella in the stands in the rain Saturday while Mooney Starr assured us for several hours that the rain was about to move out. Meanwhile,my Dad is in the car suffering some sort of respiratory issue possibly due to the job he had been working at for about a year. We tried to get him to go to the ER,but he wouldn't do it. He wound up being ok due to emptying a Kleenex box with coughed up junk. We gladly sat in the rain while he sat in the car doing that. Then,we listened to some poor guy on the radio on the trip back to Batesville who absolutely butchered everything he said and read. Lol.

    Auckland was carrying that tire high in the air in that race. The video does it no justice. The race itself was pretty "meh",but that was a memorable trip.
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    49wrench- It's amazing how out of control it got and so quickly.

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