Whoever it is that promotes the wreck-fest in the dome have announced that the midgets are bye-bye in 2022. Given the midget car count and fan interest it's a cinch that competitors and midget spectators alike won't be all that disappointed especially this year with the USAC National Midgets racing at Du Quoin just 2 weeks later in December and The Chili Bowl is less than a month later. Du Quoin is a MUCH better midget show, anyway. I've attended both. Midget fans are forced to wait literally hours to see their preferred division race and endure the late models not being able to run more than 2 or 3 laps without a melee that takes 20 minutes or more to clean up. That is not a recipe for an enjoyable show.

I sincerely wish the dome people luck in the future and hope this event has staying power without the midgets being part of it.