I would politely urge all of you who are spiritually inclined and believe in a higher power that take the time to read this to expend just a minute of your time from your busy Tuesday to say a short prayer for all those who gave their lives and/or were permanently injured in any way 80 years ago.

Other than Sept. 11th the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese is the deadliest day that our country has endured due to an attack perpetrated by a foreign country.

My family has a very close friend who served during WW II but had not yet begun his service in the Navy at the time of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. He is of sound mind and remembers this date 80 years ago as if it was just last December. He has a whole different way of looking at the world and how it's socially and culturally evolved since 1941 and he has every right to. I believe he is just a bit skeptical of how things are being done today and I don't fault him for that.

NEVER, EVER forget what happened 80 years ago today and remember the over 2400 souls that were lost.