Were all supposed to worship an celebrate NATURE , The only ultimate supreme REALITY . After that is on to the continuous cycle of BROKEN CORRUPTED NATURE! And that's is how PATHETIC N DUMBED DOWN fools have BECOME! Ultimate reality is NATRE. NATURE it'S self PRODUCED the godS of MAN. Primal humens "all of US" . Even the GodS them SELFS coined the name of NATURE as GOD!! Only gullible monkey humens fall what they are simply OBLIVIOUS to the very superstitious understandings of a created false truth/reality!!! Yals very own NATURE of CURIOSITY has been CORRUPTED an DESTROYED!!!!! RISE IN CONCESSIONSSS NOT ON YOU. BUT THE VERY INTENSITY OF CURIOSITY AN THE URGE TO PROBE DEEPER TO SEEK ULTIMATE REALITY!!!!!!! See with DIVINE PERCEPTION as God an his ONLY BEGOTTEN SON!!! "JESUS" WANT YOU ALL TO DISCOVER THY FULLEST TRUEST NATURAL SELF!!!! KNOW YOUR SELF . KNOW THE GODS , KNOW THE POWER OF NATURE!!!!!!! Some just do not care at all what so ever!! Some trust they know reality! Some have BECOME FULLY AWARE what is authentic N genuine TRUTHS. But we all are so separated an divided there is no more authentic connection's from one heart to anot heart! For our Naturally free hearts are taken over with all the NOTHING deeply placed an seeded in our heart. Securely plant all these thoughts conjured out of complete darkness of the heart!!! Till you Grow NO MORE!!!!!! Dare YOU . TO allow your mind to PROPERLY process this N break it down. !!!! You just MIGHT awaken to a BIT more AUTHENTIC REALITY compared to all the that totally CONSUMED "Your individual heart"