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    Default Dual Rate Spring On Rocket Black

    As mentioned in previous posts, we have a few new old stock rocket black front ends we are going to put on the track this year. We come from the asphalt world and donít have much experience on dirt. If we have fun and arenít complete trash, we may get new cars or just update these at Dixie or something like that and keep moving along. But until then, we still want to work with what we have. My question pertains to coming up with the best modern set up we can given the travel difference between the rocket blacks and modern front ends. Rules:602No stack springs One bump stop on rfNon adjustable shocksAnd no LRF shock Since I canít use stacked springs, would it make sense to use hypercoil dual rate? And if so, how should I be using them? RF -?LR -?RR -?5th coil -?Would I get enough travel in the RF to activate the stiffer rate? From what I have been reading on hypercoilís site, depending on the rate used changes how much travel is needed to use the secondary rate. Should I possibly run one on the 5th coil as well. This site has been extremely helpful, so thank you for your responses and input.

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    Don't get carried away with dual rates. It isn't automatically better. The whole advantage with the right front is to make your body a wedge and gain downforce. You need a combo that needs around 2500# of force to collapse the setup to your max achievable travel. Then you work backwards from there. A dual rate spring that doesn't transition when you need it to is worse than just running a linear spring. If it was not designed for your application, it's useless.
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    I think I would call up Rocket or Brucebilt and see what updates are available. We had a new clip installed at Rocket last year for $2200. Of course, you could install it yourself and save some money, but at Rocket you can get the whole chassis checked on the jig at the same time!

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