Want a Solution for the MSDŽIgnition 8727ct rev limiter?

A device has been designed to work around the limitations of the rev limiter. The device has the ability to run the rev box in stock mode as built. Or the racer can choose to run the EFX device to override the rev box and allow for a softer hit on the top end. With EFX enabled the rev limiter is forced to hit with about 1/3 the normal action. This decrease will allow the engine to pull hard past the normal expected end point.

At this time testing has been completed and the ramping up of production has begun. Currently at this moment in time, building the first EFX devices should fall around April 15, 2022. The expected price for an EFX device is $475.00.

If there are any racers looking to order early, are more than welcome to preorder at this time. To that end, the first 25 units ordered during this period will be sold at $395.00 which will include shipping. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. 704-995-4286 Pat Collins

Please check out the two bench test videos of an EFX device working. Option one allowing the rev limiter to operate normally. Option two shows an EFX device overriding the rev limiters normal operation.

EFX Video normal rev limiter operation

EFX video with EFX enabled