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Thread: Bert Gen 2

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    Default Bert Gen 2

    broke our old gen1, going to put in a Gen 2.

    looking for some setup help as nothing at all comes with the transmission. We have the shifter for the Gen2.

    Is high gear with the shift shaft all the way in or out?

    Does it shift and operate the same as the G1?

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    we figured this out. installed and have working properly. odd though they dont put more info in the box with trans.

    had seen a video seeing the shifter working in the opposite direction of the pattern on the shift bracket that had me a bit confused for naught lol.

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    All way in is high. R, L, N, H front to back shift pattern. I've had 2 years and love it. Guy that does work said isn't really lot to go wrong in them


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