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    What are the benefits of the zero index set up on the left rear and the right rear? And if I were to put this set up on a 2015 blue/grey rocket what all would be needed to do so without having to buy zero index birdcage plates

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    First of all it's not really zero index, but minimal index......It's misnamed. The idea to keep the RH load and droop load closer to each other than a high index system.
    You'll need a longer upper bar, a little shorter lower bar, and holes in the BC to mount the new bars. Typically those holes will be a little further toward the rear on the top and a little more toward the front of the car on the bottom.
    The best I can find is it's a working theory and the jury is still out on it's benefits as the entire car is a combination deal so just one change on the LR may not solve all your problems.

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    If you happen to have Wehrs cages, you can get the 4 plates for roughly $150, at least to change the LR. Many cars (most newer ones) have 4-bar brackets with two (or more) rows of holes, typically spaced 1" apart, so you could try it without changing your link lengths.
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