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    Default 8/20/2022 - Lawrenceburg Speedway - Kelsey Chevrolet Sprints


    A second round of rain showers at the completion of the Kelsey Chevrolet Sprint heat races left standing water on the racing surface and forced the remainder of the evening's racing program to be postponed to a later date. Any patrons who purchased tickets to this event can redeem those armbands at any other event this season. If the event is higher priced, you can exchange and pay the difference. Check the Lawrenceburg Speedway website and Facebook page for more information.

    Promoter Dave Rudisell and his track crew were able to overcome the heavy thunderstorm just prior to the gates opening and get the night's racing program started on time. Some of the fastest laps of the season were turned in the sprint car heats where both Nick Bilbee and Justin Owen broke the 14-second barrier with laps of 13.928 and 13.934 seconds respectively, averaging speeds of over 97 miles per hour!

    Since all the sprint heats were completed, those drivers will receive show points and any heat race points earned. Modified, pure stock and hornet drivers that were entered and on site will receive 50 show points only.

    KELSEY CHEVROLET SPRINTS – “19th Annual D ick Gaines Memorial”
    August 20, 2022 – Lawrenceburg, Indiana – Lawrenceburg Speedway

    QUALIFYING GROUP 1 – 1. 4 Michael Fischesser-14.222; 2. 17 Nick Bilbee-14.256; 3. 4J Justin Owen-14.257; 4. 18 Dallas Hewitt-14.309; 5. 9 Dustin Webber-14.408; 6. 4P Scotty Weir-14.418; 7. 5AX Toby Alfrey-14.784; 8. 00 Noah Whitehouse-15.639; 9. 4A Andrew Heitkamp-16.128.

    QUALIFYING GROUP 2 – 1. 5J Joss Moffatt-14.160; 2. 34 Sterling Cling-14.274; 3. 98 Saban Bibent-14.378; 4. 34P Parker Frederickson-14.421; 5. 17GP Max Adams-14.449; 6. 44 D ickie Gaines-14.482; 7. 4G Tripp Gerrald-14.565; 8. 21B Ryan Barr-15.135.

    HEAT 1 (8 laps – all transfer) – 1. 4J Justin Owen, 2. 17 Nick Bilbee, 3. 18 Dallas Hewitt, 4. 4 Michael Fischesser, 5. 4P Scotty Weir, 6. 9 Dustin Webber, 7. 5AX Toby Alfrey, 8. 00 Noah Whitehouse, 9. 4A Andrew Heitkamp.

    HEAT 2 (8 laps – all transfer) – 1. 17GP Max Adams, 2. 34 Sterling Cling, 3. 34P Parker Frederickson, 4. 4G Tripp Gerrald, 5. 5J Joss Moffatt, 6. 44 D ickie Gaines, 7. 98 Saban Bibent, 8. 21B Ryan Barr.

    POINT STANDINGS – 1. Sterling Cling-985; 2. Justin Owen-975; 3. Joss Moffatt-970; 4. Michael Fischesser-880; 5. Garrett Abrams-870; 6. Ryan Barr-810; 7. Nick Bilbee-675; 8. Saban Bibent-615; 9. Tyler Kendall-610; 10. JJ Hughes-585.

    NEXT RACE – August 27 – 5th Annual Hornet Nationals
    Bessler’s U Pull & Save Hornets, KOI Auto Parts UMP Modifieds (complete show plus makeup feature from July 24th rain out), School Bus Races



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    Due to the rain out yesterday a few changes have been made to the Lawrenceburg Speedway event schedule.

    1. The D ick Gaines Memorial has been rescheduled for Saturday, September 3rd. This is a completely new program and all cars and drivers are eligible to compete.

    2. A non-point event for the Impact Sports Pure Stocks has been added to this weekend's Hornet Nationals.


    AUGUST 27 ~ 5th Annual Hornet Nationals
    Bessler's U Pull & Save Hornets
    KOI Auto Parts UMP Modifieds (complete show plus makeup feature from July 24th rainout)
    Impact Sports Pure Stocks (non-point event)
    School Bus races

    SEPTEMBER 3 ~ 19th Annual D ick Gaines Memorial
    Kelsey Chevrolet Sprints
    KOI Auto Parts UMP Modifieds
    Impact Sports Pure Stocks
    Bessler's U Pull & Save Hornets

    SEPTEMBER 17 ~ Night of Champions
    Kelsey Chevrolet Sprints
    KOI Auto Parts UMP Modifieds
    Impact Sports Pure Stocks
    Bessler's U Pull & Save Hornets

    OCTOBER 1 ~ Fall Nationals
    USAC Sprints
    KOI Auto Parts UMP Modifieds (non-point event)

    For more information, please visit or the “Lawrenceburg Speedway” Facebook page.


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