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    There is something wrong mentally with any person that would allow themselves to be taken in by a cult of liars and people that are openly trying to destroy this country. SS falls for all of their propaganda and fabricated lies about Trump or any Republican who is a threat to being elected president. Trump just happened to be the person that these Globalists and commies feared and smeared the most. More or less just a useful idiot, who stirred up all the crap he could on here.

    I can certainly see him using multiple usernames out of frustration. Not to say that he has done that.

    It was both laughable but also insulting to read his posts. The sad part is that he really believes the crap that he posts it appeared.

    And kidrock was foolish for most of his input. Once again a person that has skewed opinions that are so wrong most of the time.

    But he'll be back with the usual, soon I would bet.
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