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    Default Metric vs's Chevelle

    Looking for input on Chevelle & metric (with Nova lowers) clips, The balljoint location side to side is within a 1/8" as i measure it. The springs are tilted slightly more but the biggest thing I see is that the inner pivots of the lower A frame are skewed about 12 degrees less on the metric clip. Any idea on what that does for handling, or advantage / disadvantage to that? I would think that the less angle in the lower pivots would make for less caster change but not sure on how big of a deal that is. Any thoughts?

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    I have raced and worked on a bunch of both of the clips. Honestly I could get both front ends really close geometry wise. To the point i couldnt really feel much difference in the cars handling. The big difference i figured out is when the frame bottoms out on the track.

    The chevelle clip hits the outside rf frame rail and acts like a skid plate. Very little effect on handling if done properly.

    The metric clip bottoms out the front cross member. Very harsh in the car and puts it in a dead push towards the wall.

    Now with a good chassis builder i am sure some of that could be corrected. Maybe not legally but the builders manipulate the outside frame rail on the chevelle clips too.


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