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    Default The Flo Racing FloZone

    Since I know all those guys still read 4m (even the ones who say they donít lol), I want to give a shout-out to whoever came up with the idea for the FloZone! Itís the perfect addition to the app! I currently have 6 races on my TV screen lol. We always try to bounce around to different events, in order to catch whichever event has supers on the track at that time. Now we donít have to do that anymore. The Flo Racing deal was already cool when it first started, but they are constantly adding new material and coming up with new ideas. This FloZone deal is the best addition so far. Thanks, guys!

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    We missed this. Was it a 1-time thing? My ADD may really kick in with 6 races to watch at once, but sounds great overall.


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